Our Future Health & Happiness – an essay by Anne Martin

Our Future Health and Happiness is dependant on our resilience.  Another term for resilience is a word coined from Football Ian Dowie, football manager of Crystal Palace football team,  he used the word “bouncebackability”. This in turn was promoted by Soccer AM to become a word. Ian was describing the ability of his players to bounce back from bad games and mistakes. This is no different to our process of reflection and decision making. Bouncebackability sounds more “fun” than resilience but actually they are the same in action.

To me resilience conjures up a smiley ball that although it gets some hard kicks keeps going.

How? How can it keep going? It can because it has support.

What is support – crutches? A truss?

No not physical support, psychological support in the form of mindfulness.

For professionals it is imperative to look after yourself in fact for everyone it is important to look after yourself.

In order to remain professional – professionals MUST look after themselves. Not to is disrespecting those you are employed to care for. Only by being at the top of your game can you provide energy to support and assist those dependant on you for support and advice.

Supervision and reflection are vital to wellbeing and maintaining your resilience. Supervision allows time to reflect and breathe deeply and importantly not to only problem solve but to reflect on what you do well.

At the end of the day every NHS worker needs to reflect on at least one positive aspect of the shift/day just finished. Maybe someone said thank you to you. How lovely.

It does not have to be a life changing event although thank you is a wonderful reward and many of them can be life changing because you start to believe in yourself.

You add to your knowledge from what you experience and employ your wisdom.

Knowledge and wisdom work in partnership and are not the same thing. For example;-

Knowledge, is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.

Wisdom is not putting it in your fruit salad. Wisdom is sometimes not voicing your knowledge but simply being there for someone. Allow time to be.

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