How will the next chapter in our story of care be written?


I am writing to express my gratitude to some of the people who have hosted events which we have been fortunate to play a part in recent months –

The Extra-ordinary Projects Party hosted by Dr Sarah Anderson of FutureHealth Brighton

Julian Burton (Delta 7) and Caroline Pakel (To the Heart) hosted and cooked together for our story of care supper last week.

Joan Laponslaplana and allies who hosted the 6Cs event in Leicester

Sarah-Jane Marsh and the staff experience team at Birmingham Childrens Hospital who hosted Taking Notice sessions as part of their care for #TeamBCH

Sue Cressey – practice educator and nurse at Royal Marsden who hosted the compassionate community events.

All of these people understand the difference between a hero leader and a host leader – and they all know that the answers to questions about our future health and well being lie within us.

As a result of these wonderful events we are thinking differently about where and how change happens.

Come to our 10th birthday party on the 27th of March – book here

…and maybe the next time someone mentions the possibility of an expensive ambitious well intentioned expert led conference, take a breath and ask yourselves if sharing a caring meal, or throwing a purposeful party, or just putting the kettle on and listening to each other might make more difference.

When we are given the gift of caring time and space, and when we feel like we matter – we know how to be and we know what to do.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful day


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