Our Future Health & Happiness – an essay by Jeannette Newall

Future health who knows but future happiness I sincerely hope so personally

Are health and happiness linked?

More and more appears to be expected from our health services as medicine makes vast progress. Are we in danger of equating health and happiness to mean the ideal?

Happiness can be found in the most tiny things; the smile of the carer as they attend to your personal needs.

The touch of a friend as they visit. The act of giving and seeing the pleasure received, none of these depend on being healthy.

To be healthy is a wonderful bonus in life. A bonus we take for granted for so long until reaching the age when the body starts its decline and wears out.

The older we get the more we seem to expect from the NHS but it appears the services once offered especially community based ones, are in decline.

The community midwife, the district nurse, the mental health nurse, of thirty years ago offered the link between the person requiring help and the help available to them. With this link being eroded it appears the individual is required to source their own information more and more.

We depend on others offering reassurance and giving to us their knowledge and expertise. Do we expect more than any organization, be it the NHS or the not for profit organisations that have emerged.

Can we choose the level of our own dependency? Or is resting solely on the statuary bodies I have the ability still (just!) to reach out for help when needed but I am aware many many of my generation are not able do to this. How many sit in their homes in ill health and unhappiness? Isolated behind doors that were once opened by the community staff regularly visiting.

Fractured families must mean more and more people will find themselves isolated from help and each other.

Personally I consider that as long as I am acknowledged as a person, shown compassion, offered physical and metaphorical hand holding then health and happiness  will be linked into my future, however long or short that might be

I have posed many questions and have very few answers

I have been fortunate in being able to reach and receive help when I needed it.

Will this level of care be available to all in the future?

It is not just about money – it is about the will of all people to push for the future health and happiness of our young, elderly and unwell.

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