Our Future Health & Happiness- an essay by Jayne Cox

My vision of a bright caring future

Writing from the heart, that’s how I feel about writing today and I’d like to thank you Andy for the invitation. It’s taken longer than 30 minutes but every minute feels worth it.

My hopes and dreams for our future health and happiness is so clear in my minds eye I could touch it. It has things like time, empathy and seeing the provision of training in such things and the use of language being as important as a diagnosis and the practical care.

I’m a huge fan of words and how we use them, I’m no academic I just really believe that our words can harm or heal. I see the evidence each and every day.

Imagine this future where we all sit not just in a place of much appreciated expertise but in a place of being flesh and blood, how different an experience could we make?

I see kindness first and foremost, a professional who thinks if this were my loved one or me. To reach this bright future the professionals would be supported and given that gift of time.

In our bright future I see a greater understanding of mental health. I see us speaking about it and not changing the subject. I see the provision of help available for all and the understanding that one size doesn’t fit all.

I’d love people to be at the centre of healthcare, not numbers or stats. People are the patients who not only know that the help is out there but feel safe and trusting and empowered to help themselves.

So in my future happiness in health it’s all about the ‘P.’ Not patients or professionals but what is at the core, the People.

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