30 Minutes Writing from the Heart to Transform Our Health


Our Future Health and Happiness

In your minds eye what does our future health and happiness look like, sound like, feel like?

How would you love it to be?

Send your 30 minute essays to



I hope your day is going well.

As I look around the place that I live when I go to the shops or the chemist I witness so much subtle suffering – so many folks whose bodies don’t move well and whose minds seem elsewhere – it can be difficult to connect.

I also see kindness at the community centre and the mental health drop in and the vets are lovely and the lollipop lady has an awesome story to tell. I feel our small community is full of potential. The banner at the primary school says that Everyone Matters and Everyday Counts.

It is difficult to get an appointment at the doctors and I hear the nearest hospital is at overwhelm.

We are thinking here that our National Health Service is at breaking point – a lot of the people we listen to who work in the system tell us they have never known it like this and that they fear for the future.

We think we could change the way we think about our health – maybe we can create the Neighbourhood Health Service one community at a time. Caring for ourselves and caring for each other, getting ourselves organised. We are going to get started with that here in Fishersgate and Southwick. We hear great stories from people about the positive power of our neighbourhoods.

We are gathering stories of what people imagine when they think about a future in which we are healthy and happy – an ideal way to organise ourselves and our health and care.

What do you imagine as you see future generations thriving?

We would love to read what you imagine. We are gathering 30 minute essays on the subject of:-

Our Future Health and Happiness

In your minds eye what does our future health and happiness look like, sound like, feel like?

How would you love it to be?

All essays received will be published here on this blog.

We will put the essays into a book – we would love to read about what people of all ages and backgrounds imagine, from all around the globe.

Please spread the word.

If we can gather 365 stories of our brighter future we will have one for each day of the year.

Please send your essay (and invite people who care about our common good) to write to……


All of the essays we have received by midday in Thursday the 22nd of January will be printed out and taken to this conference on Compassion in the NHS and shared on our stand with the people we meet.

All essays will be received with delight and read with deep gratitude.




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